Isager Yarn

Isager Silk Mohair UK

Danish producer, Isager, make yarns that are known for their high quality and beautiful saturated shades. The ranges we stock incorporate a wide range of natural fibres including wool, alpaca, silk mohair, linen, cotton. Isager are gradually introducing more organic yarns to their range. The only man-made fibre used is the recycled nylon in their sock yarn.

The Isager yarn ranges we currently carry are: Isager Silk Mohair, Isager Tvinni, Isager Spinni, Isager Tweed, Isager Japansk Bomuld, Isager Merilin, Isager Eco Soft, Isager Alpaca 1, Isager Alpaca 2, Isager Alpaca 3, Isager Hør Organic Linen and Isager Trio

We also stock a range of Isager knitting patterns.

We are often able to order in extra shades, other Isager patterns or other Isager yarn ranges that we don't stock as standrd. Please email us with your requirements and we'll see if we can help: