Isager Hør Organic Linen


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Isager Hør Organic Linen is a gorgeous organic linen yarn that comes in a gorgeous, earthy palette of colours that tone beautifully together, Camel, Indigo, Ink, Khaki, Linen and Nougat.

Isager Hør Organic Linen knits up like a light 4ply and is lovely at a standard 4-ply gauge but also perfect for stranding with another yarn for interesting effects. Isager Hør Organic yarn is lovely all year round but is particularly popular for summer garments. It softens more and more with time and washing and is cool and comfortable to wear on hot days. Its cooling properties make it lovely to knit with on those warmer days too.

I made a Palermo sweater by Marianne Isager stranding two different shades of Isager Hør Organic Linen together (keeping one shade through out and striping other colours). It's lovely to wear in spring and on cooler summer days/evenings. It has a pleasing weight when you wear it and hangs really nicely due to the drape you get with a knitted linen fabric.

Suggested needle: 3mm

Suggested gauge: 26 stitches x 34 rows = 10cm x 10cm

Fibre Content: 100% Organic Linen

Meterage: A 50g ball = 178m

Spun and dyed in Italy

Ideas and suggested needles/gauge for stranding Isager Hør Organic yarn together with other Isager yarns:

Hør Organic + Alpaca 1: 3 mm needles = 20 sts / 24 rows
Hør Organic + Alpaca 2: 3.5 mm needles = 18 sts / 22 rows
Hør Organic held double: 3.5 mm needles = 19 sts / 20 rows

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