Baby Yarn

Our range of baby yarns includes a range of super soft fibres. Great for babies and children but lots of grown-ups like to wear these super soft yarns too!

Many of these yarns are machine washable but please always check the product description as there are also wools that have not undergone the superwash process. 

If you want pure wool but are not usually keen on superwash because of the chemicals/plastics involved but would like a machine washable wool, I recommend you have a look at the Kremke Soul Wool Bébé Soft Wash as this yarn is plasma treated to achieve a washable fibre with less environmental impact. 

Bo Peep Pure is totally untreated and is hand wash only.

Alternatively, the Erika Knight Gossypium Cotton and Gossypium Cotton Tweed yarns make lovely baby clothes and are machine washable. 

I've also added Kremke Soul Wool Morning Salutation to this collection. Although not "officially" a baby yarn, this DK weight 50% cotton/50 Tencel(TM) yarn is beautifully soft, has great stitch definition and is machine washable. Tencel is a wood pulp fibre with a production process that has less impact on the environment than many other plant fibres, making this an interesting yarn for those looking to lessen their own footprint.