Isager Silk Mohair


Isager Silk Mohair is a stunning silk/mohair lace weight yarn in a range of beautiful colours that have Isager's signature depth of colour. The shades tone beautifully with other yarns from Isager and are often held double with other Isager yarns in their patterns. We simply love this yarn!

Isager Silk Mohair works as a lace weight on its own and you can use relatively large needles for a beautiful airy effect. The mohair fluffs over larger stitches for a light and hazy fabric. It is also very popular stranded together with other yarns where it lends its haziness to a denser fabric. 

When stranding yarns together with a silk mohair, you can choose shades that are very close together or you can choose shades with a high contrast from really interesting effects.

As an example of how effective a contrast can be, here we have knit (K) Knit by Helga Isager using Isager Spinni in shade 39s stranded with Isager Silk Mohair in shade 33. I always think when blending contrasting shades of wool and silk mohair that they lend something to each other and create the effect of a whole new shade somewhere in between with the marled effect lending real depth.

Isager Silk Mohair and Isager Spinni yarn UK design is K Knit by Helga Isager

Fibre Content: 75% mohair/25% silk.

A 25g ball = 212m

Spun and dyed in Italy

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