Geo-Metry Yarn Turtle


The Geo-Metry Turtle is a relaxing way to wind balls of yarn by hand. It's portable and convenient for travel.

Handcrafted to order from vegetable dyed leather from the same talented maker who produces the Cocoon yarn holder. Available in two colours, Tan and (exclusively to us) Burgundy. A Mini Yarn Turtle is also available!

Height - 9.5cm

Width of leather straps - 1cm

Depth of leather straps - 3mm

User Tips

  • Start by securing the end of the yarn into the little flap.
  • Switch the side you are wrapping every few minutes.
  • Finish by securing the end of the yarn in one of the loops

Click here for a video demonstration 

Leather Care

  • Over time the leather (tan) will enrich in colour and deepen in tone.
  • Apply an impermeable spray, to protect your item from stains. 

These products are handcrafted to order so please allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery. When we have items in stock for faster delivery, we'll mark them as available in stock here. 

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