Gusto Wool

Gusto Wool are on a journey to inspire and unite. As a family-owned business long devoted to the yarn industry, they have a special passion for the hard work that goes into the process of creation. Their first goal is to provide the highest quality material at the best price possible, and a wide palette of the most luminous colour to draw you in and stimulate your urge to design and create.

Wool is their wonder fiber, the medium to keep our art thriving and diverse by offering a gorgeous selection of fun-to-work-with yarn to an ever-broader worldwide community, with colours that shift and play. 

The yarns created by Gusto Wool are ideal for everyday use, perfect for every generation of makers who have centred all things handmade into a therapeutic, creative outlet in their daily lives.

We hope you’ll be motivated by their selection of kaleidoscope colour of accessible, high-quality hand dyed yarns.