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FYC Tension Square/Needle Gauge

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A tension square with an incorporated needle gauge.

This handy tool will make checking your knitted or crocheted tension easier and anything we can do to encourage people to check their gauge is worth it! If you always seem to use significantly more or less yarn than patterns recommend or you never seem to get the same  size or fit as patterns say, it could be that your gauge is out. 

We recommend that you knit or crochet a decent sized swatch (bigger than 10cm) either in stocking stitch or “in pattern” (depending on your instructions), wash or steam it, lay it flat or pin out to dry (depending on the instructions for the finished item) and, once dry, measure your gauge over 10cm. If you have too many stitches and/or rows over 10cm, you may need to use a larger needle/hook. If you have too few stitches/rows, try a size smaller. It’s always better to adjust your needle/hook size than try to adjust how you knit. This will make a huge difference to your work, particularly garments!

Laser cut for us by local designer, Benjamin Thomas Designs.

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