Fyberspates Gleem Hand-Dyed Embroidery/Mending Threads *34-card Bundle*


Buy the whole glorious collection: one of every shade - that's 34 different colours - and you'll save 10%

These small cards of hand-dyed embroidery thread from Fyberspates are made from a luxurious yet strong blend of Bluefaced Leicester wool and silk (often used in all-natural sock yarns instead of nylon). The hand-dyeing process means that every card is unique with beautiful tonal and variegated shades.

These threads would be perfect for all sorts of things. The tonal shifts will be so effective in embroidery work; or what a beautiful way use visible mending on knitted/crocheted items in need of a bit of tender loving care; or add interest to a new project. I can't wait to see what you all use them for.


55% Bluefaced Leicester, 45% Silk, with approximately 10m per card.

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