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Kremke Soul Wool Bébé Soft Wash

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With "BÉBÉ Soft Wash" (21/22 micron, mulesing-free fine merino wool from South America ) Kremke Soul Wool have successfully developed a super soft baby yarn with a chlorine free Superwash treatment.

Pure wool, which can be machine washed, has undergone a chemical process that prevents felting. The interlocking of the wool fibres, which is typical for untreated wool, is usually reduced by a chemical change of the surface by means of chlorine and coating with a synthetic resin. Thanks to the plasma treatment, the epichlorohydrin could be replaced by enzymes in „BÉBÉ Soft Wash“. Plasma-treated wool is less susceptible to damage during feltfree finishing and has increased tear strength, improved grip and dyeability.

The plasma process also means less pollution for the environment, as the wool treated in this way also meets the requirements of the Woolmark Company for the "superwash", "machine-washable" or "easy-care" label.

100% Wool
50g = 140m
Recommended Needle: 3-4 mm
Suggested Gauge: 20-22st = 10 cm
Gentle machine wash

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