We are moving!

UPDATE 7/3/22: 

A heads up for our local customers - over the weekend I received a letter from my landlord's solicitor saying due to his buyer wanting a quick sale, they're asking me to consider leaving the shop before the end of my lease (end of April). I'm not sure what that means yet time-wise but I will certainly keep you informed. I should get at least 2 weeks notice.


Life can get complicated, can't it! I don't even know where to start with this one!

Headline news is, we're on the move!

I won't bore you with all the complicated details but we have to leave our existing premises by the end of April. 

You know me - always approach hurdles as something to vault over (or, more accurately, run straight into, knock over and just keep stumbling on) so this is definitely not the end of All About The Yarn! Far from it. However, we haven't found an alternative premises in Frome and will be moving the whole operation to the very lovely Chesterblade Hills.

I understand our local customers will have questions so I've tried to answer some possible ones here: 

I took the unit at Chesterblade Hills on a couple of months ago as a dedicated space for our courses and I'm putting a lot of thought into how it will work running the whole business from there. I'll fill in more details over the next few weeks. It is a beautiful spot out in the country about 20 minutes drive from Frome on the way out to Shepton Mallet, not far from Evercreech. There is ample parking for those who can drive out to see us and I'm thinking we can still do Click & Collect in Frome as I live fairly centrally. For more details, see our previous blog post here.

A massive, big, huge YES! I'm still putting some thought into the opening hours but I certainly want you to be able to come and see us and enjoy time at Chesterblade (whilst squishing yummy yarn) as it is such a special place. At the very least we'll be able to do it by appointment at first, a bit like we did after the first lockdown. Probably on days where there are no classes running. We'll definitely be having planned Open Days and events as well as a full programme of classes. It might be a bit trial and error whilst we figure out what works and what doesn't, and which days work best to be open, but there will be plenty of opportunities for you to join us and get your yarn fume fix.

The honest answer is, I don't know. Suitable premises don't come up in Frome very often, which is part of the reason I took on Chesterblade for courses. Having now had to start to think in terms of running the whole business from there, I am actually really excited for the possibilities and directions I can take it. I think to make it as positive a move as possible, I have to embrace it. One thing I do know is that being at Chesterblade makes me feel a sense of calm and peace that is a real antidote to the stresses of the last couple of years with business and family and I'm looking forward to spending more time there, and inviting you to spend time there too! My focus for the foreseeable will be making a visit to Chesterblade Hills a great experience for you. That said, I am still keeping an eye out around Frome...

We've actually had this date looming over us for a while as there is a break coming up in my lease at the end of April. I almost found a new premises in central Frome last summer but very sadly it all fell through. We had decorators booked and everything, so when it fell through we just went ahead with the rebrand where we are. However, it wasn't a permanent solution. With only a few months to go till I have to leave Catherine Hill, I feel like for my own sanity I need to commit to my next steps and give our local customers plenty of notice! 

If you have a gift card or have purchased one for someone else and want to use it in the Catherine Hill shop, please ensure you (or they) do so by April 2022. Other than that they are absolutely still valid online, we can still arrange Click & Collect in Frome, and you can come and see us at Chesterblade Hills which is well worth the trip.

Drop us an email info@allabouttheyarn.co.uk and I'll do my best to answer it. Please bear with me though, it's all a bit uncertain and I'm just trying to navigate my way through the circumstances I'm in whilst keeping you all informed.

As ever, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the support you continue to give my business. Changing and adapting has become my normal over the last couple of years so evolving again doesn't seem so scary; I already have tons of ideas and am looking forward to putting them into action! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade etc. etc. 

This has taken up so much of my brain lately, now it's out there it's a relief and I'm looking forward to focussing on the yarny stuff again and moving forwards in a positive way!

Of course I will be sad to leave my little shop on Catherine Hill but wish whoever takes it over the very best! I wonder what it will become!? 

Much love
Nicky x

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