Skein Queen

Skein Queen Wriggle


Skein Queen Wriggle is a hand-dyed 4-ply/fingering weight superwash merino which takes the dye beautifully. It has a single ply construction.

Single ply construction yarns are generally considered most suitable for low abrasion projects such as shawls. However, I say use them for that special garment if you want to. As long as you hand wash your project and take good care of it, and maybe invest in a wool comb, then it will serve you well. I’d draw the line at socks though (other than super lovely bed socks).

The merino is so soft and lovely to work with. The yarn also has a wriggly look to it (hence the name). Do bear in mind that single ply construction yarns tend to twist one way (as they are not balanced out by plying with another yarn) and may lean to one side in plain stocking stitch.

Fibre Content: 100% superwash merino

A 100g skein = 366m

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