Kremke Soul Wool

Kremke Soul Wool - Reborn Jeans


Following the popularity of Reborn Wool, we are delighted to bring in a warmer weather option, Reborn Jeans. This yarn is made entirely from recycled materials, mostly from post consumer jeans and also with recycled PET bottle plastic content.

The jeans are sorted by colour before being made into yarn so the 8 shades are all achieved without any extra dying. I'm thinking a simple sweater with the blues or the grey/blacks in block stripes would be really effective!

The recommended needle size given by the manufacturer is 4-5mm with a suggested gauge of around 17st per 10cm. At that gauge it should have lovely drape. Do bear in mind it will grow after washing so best (as always) to do a sample swatch and wash it before starting your project. I'm going to try a swatch at a tighter gauge to see if it will work nicely in DK patterns as well but currently calling it an aran. I shall report back!

The raw materials are sourced in India from a father-and-son owned company. The dyes used in making the jeans are free from animal derivatives, making this yarn suitable for vegans.

It's worth bearing in mind that recycled textiles yarns don't have the same stability as many premium yarns because of the way the textiles are shredded prior to spinning. This potentially could cause issues for very tight knitters or when sewing up if you pull hard. We haven't personally had any problems though. The finished knitted fabric should be as strong as any other.

Supplier's suggested needle size 4mm - 5mm

Supplier's suggested gauge approx. 17st over 10cm

1 skein of 100g = 300m

Fibre Content: 70% cotton, 25% polyester, 5% other fibres


Machine Washable at 30-degrees celsius, dry flat

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