"Berlin" by Helga Isager for Isager


This cosy knitted cowl with Helga Isager's typically clever approach to construction is such a useful and wearable accessory, using only 3 balls of the very gorgeous Isager Alpaca 3. Isager Alpaca 3 is a 50/50 blend of alpaca and wool fibres with a clever knitted tube construction, making it light as air with amazing yardage! 

The front and back of this lovely cowl are knit flat (and shoulder/back stitches left on hold) then joined as the shoulders are created.

Because of the way the front and back are incorporated with the shoulders and the neck is then completed in the round, we would recommend circular needles all the way through.

I used an interchangeable set so I could just leave stitches on hold on the existing cable and use the needle tips with another cable for the next section. This isn't necessary but did work nicely. I used three separate cables. Cable length didn't matter for the sections that are not knitted in the round but a 40cm to 60cm long circular needle will be needed for the neck.

I really enjoyed knitting my Berlin Cowl. The construction was unusual rather than difficult and definitely kept me entertained. The finished cowl is soft and cosy. It fits nicely under my jacket - perfect for when your coat is more fitted and you don't want the bulk of a thick jumper but will appreciate the extra warmth around your neck and shoulders.

Size. S/M(M/L)

Shoulder width: 42 (46) cm
Total length: 31 (33) cm
Collar: 18 (18) cm

150g Isager Alpaca 3 (shown in colour 2s)

5mm and 6mm 

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