Nicky Jerrome class tutor at All About The Yarn runs workshops on knitting and needle felting courses at Chesterblade Hills Somerset between Frome and Shepton Mallet.Hi, I'm Nicky, the owner of All About The Yarn, and I run most of the knitting classes at All About The Yarn, Chesterblade Hills, Somerset - between Frome and Shepton Mallet.

I taught myself to knit and crochet from a book when I was a small child and then my grandma took me in hand and taught me how to knit "properly" (although I knit a completely different way now!). I turned my hand(s) to many crafts over the years although it was embroidery that stuck the most until my late twenties when my mum got me a crochet book (remembering how I loved it as a child) and I caught the bug again. I was obsessed with crochet for a while but then a couple of years after that I saw a knitting pattern I *had* to make (a rather impressively-sleeved 1938 cardigan pattern from Susan Crawford's A Stitch In Time) and, after a bit of practise on some simple squares, I launched into it with some yarn my mother-in-law gifted me. It looks truly awful on me but I still have it proudly stashed away. I do still crochet from time to time but it was really knitting that had my heart from then on!

I enjoy other fibre crafts as well, needle felting, punch needle, cross stitch, embroidery, a bit of spinning and weaving. It's the tactile nature of fibre crafts and the sheer variety of textures, colours, fibres, thicknesses along with the huge variety of ways you can use all the different yarns and fibres, the myriad of different techniques even within a single craft. There is always something new to try, I'll never know it all and I'll never get bored!

Before I moved to Frome in 2018, I worked for over a decade as a pianist, choir leader and piano/vocal teacher. I enjoy teaching adults a great deal (although I loved teaching kids too!). Adults often come with more preconceptions and insecurities about their abilities than children and a large part of my job as a musician (and my favourite part) was working on people's self confidence and patience with themselves. Everyone has a different learning style and pace - I'm there to support you to learn in a way that works for you.

As well as tutoring classes, I offer 1-1 knitting lessons. If you are interested in a private lesson please drop me an email: The cost is £25 per hour.



Here is what some previous attendees of my courses have said:

"I learnt to knit as a child but in my 50s felt I didn't have the confidence to take up knitting needles again and then I saw Nicky's courses and thought I'd give it a go.
Nicky was amazing. She is passionate about knitting and yarns and explained everything really simply getting me to a point of confidence in no time. She taught me the basics of casting on and off, joining yarns and basic stitches. I went home with a partially finished scarf and by the end of the following week had completed it.
The course has given me the confidence to continue on my knitting journey and I'm now on my third project."  ~ Ali 



“I have attended a few courses held by Nicky at All About The Yarn at Chesterblade Hills. The shop/workshop is conducive to learning and the environment/setting is amazing and relaxing too. On arrival everything is set out and ready, the tuition is excellent and Nicky adapts to each person’s different level of knowledge. You learn with calm guidance and learn as you knit about other things too. I would recommend a workshop and look forward to attending more. I am now able to knit socks for everyone! And will be giving fingerless gloves too this coming year for family and friends. It’s a lovely thing to do with friends or go solo and meet others who love to knit too!”  ~ J Beavis