Beginner’s Knitting Workshops

This series of four workshops are designed to work individually but also together in any combination you like, to introduce you to the basics of knitting on straight and on circular needles.

If you join all four courses from start to end, you can go from complete beginner to being able to tackle most shapes and sizes of patterns. So many patterns are now written in the round and there is no need to be intimidated by circular needles. That's why I believe in introducing them early on in your knitting journey!

All four courses include all the yarn and needles along with a pattern that mean you can carry on and finish your project at home. I find it's good to have something to carry on with after the course whilst the skills are fresh in your mind. 

In addition, after each course you will receive links to videos that cover the basic techniques we looked at in case you need a refresher at home.

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